About SAS

Our history

July 1975 Hajime Nakagawa established his company.
July 1983 Opened Shin−Atsu-Shin Clinic,Inc. in Tokyo.
1986 Renewed his name of Hajime Nakagawa to Masato Nakagawa as a leader and Chairman of Konoko Shin-Atsu-Shin Ryodo and later he assumed the position of the chairman of SAS International Ki Science Association,Inc.
July 1988 Started Monthly journal “High Genki”.
March 1990 Held Medical Qigong Therapist Training Seminar with a view to promote recovery of health and to train therapists in Shimoda,Shizuoka prefecture.
April 1991 Masato Nakagawa treated the radiation damage patient by Chernobyl nuclear accident in the radiology laboratory hospital of the old Soviet Union, Republic of Belarus.  Certificates of appreciation from many groups and organization including Russian Department of Health were offered to him for providing Shinkiko treatment for patients. The service group was formed three times until 1992 and visited Republic of Belarus.
Sep.1991 Interacted with wild dolphins through Shinkiko together with Mr. Horace E.Dobbs off the Australian coast.
May 1994 The seminar shifted its location to Ikoma City,Nara prefecture and opened the new seminar, Shinkiko Retreat Seminar.
Aug.1994 Masato Nakagawa visited Arizona State with Dr.Ryouichi Obitsu, a doctor of medical science (Director of Obitsu Sankei Hospital at Kawagoe-city, Saitama prefecture), and treated the Hopi people who were exposed to radiation due to a uranium mining.
Dec.1995 The late chairman Hajime Nakagawa as Masato Nakagawa passed away and his eldest son, Wataru took over everything together with his name.
Aug.1998 The name of the company changed from Shin-Atsu-Shin Clinic Inc. to SAS Inc. Concurrently, the end of was made to Konoko Shin-Atsu-Shin Ryodo and the SAS International Ki Science Association,Inc. and  SAS Shinkiko Association was formed.
Dec.1999 Annexed Sawayaka Publishing Company.
July 2000 Moved headquarters and Tokyo center to Ikebukuro
Dec.2006 Closed Shinkiko Retreat Center in Ikoma City  for the facilities superannuation.
Jan.2007 Held Shinkiko Retreat Seminar at mainly of metropolitan area and other area.
March 2010 Achieved The 20th anniversary of Shinkiko Retreat Seminar (hold 233 times of totaling) A total number of participants are 14,000 people.