What is Shinkiko?

Examination of Shinkiko Power by Medical Science

  • Dr.Shinji Nishimoto : Medical doctor
  • Dr.Isao Yamamoto : Dentist




Effect of High Genki Apparatus in Dentistry

I have performed Shinkiko Healing using the High Genki Apparatus and Shinkiko Energy in daily dental practice since 1993. In dentistry, Shinkiko Healing has shown significant benefits for endodontitis, dental periostitis, hypersensitive dentin, pericoronitis of wisdom teeth, pain following odontectomy, postoperative bleeding, aphthous stomatitis and temporomandibular arthrosis, etc. Some notable outcomes are as follows:

  • 1. The High Genki Apparatus was applied to the affected area and an acupuncture point on the hands of a patient with severe pain, that could not be enough reduced by pain reliever, following odontectomy. His pain significantly abated. I also applied the High Genki Apparatus to root dentin, which needed extraction due to inflammation of the dental pulp. Pain caused by cold or warm water disappeared and the affected area healed without odontectomy.
  • 2. Pain resulting from touching the affected area disappeared approximately ten seconds after I applied the High Genki Apparatus directly to aphthous stomatitis. The High Genki Apparatus was applied to a tooth affected with apical periodontitis, an incurable case where drainage did not stop with ordinary root canal treatment. Drainage stopped and percussion pain disappeared after only one treatment.
  • 3. I applied the High Genki Apparatus to each jaw joint of a patient who could not open his mouth at all due to temporomandibular arthrosis. After approximately one minute pain disappeared and he was able to open his mouth approximately 3 cm. Pain on masseter muscle, headache and stiff shoulders derived from temporomandibular arthrosis also diminished by applying the High Genki Apparatus to affected areas.

As shown above, the High Genki Apparatus has significant effect on symptoms which could not be cured by ordinary dental care, or Western medicine.


Dr. Isao Yamamoto : Dentist
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1960. After graduating from Kanagawa Dental College in 1985, he worked at a dental clinic and then in the Department of Legal Medicine, Nippon Medical School. Completed his doctorate in medicine and became a part-time instructor at Nippon Medical School in 1992. Dr. Yamamoto is currently working as assistant professor in the Division of Sociological Approach in Dentistry, Department of Dental Sociology, Kanagawa Dental College. Participated in the 33rd and 38th Medical Qigong Therapist Training seminar in Shimoda, and the 19th, 47th and 76th Shinkiko Retreat seminar in Ikoma.
  • Dr.Shinji Nishimoto : Medical doctor
  • Dr.Isao Yamamoto : Dentist